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Real Communications Inc.
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We are real people who offer communication and event services, focusing first and foremost on the integration of both to maximize your business outputs. There is always a way to measure and quantify your impact. By keeping things simple but striving to find innovative ways to enable incredible experiences through our words, activities and visuals, we really deliver! We invite you to read our bios, peruse our work and most importantly keep it real! Real Communications

Feedback - HTC

In June of 2007, HTC approached Real Communications in order to plan our first ever Canadian Sales Rally for Rogers Communications, in Montreal. The event was a huge hit with our Rogers sales channels and provided a unique and entertaining forum to launch the new HTC TyTN. Real managed all aspects of the event and sourced an excellent venue and host while creating an experience for the reps that has afforded us (HTC) the opportunity to build closer relationships with this audience. We were exceptionally satisfied with Real’s ability to deliver under tight timelines, manage (and meet) budgets and create events that go beyond normal expectations. Real designs events to specifically meet the overall corporate mandate. They are creative, easy to work with, and pay close attention to every detail that makes each event a success. We would happily work with Real Communications in the future and strongly recommend them for their exceptional ‘event’ work and abilities. Nancy Raymond National Sales Manager, Canada

Feedback - Maple Leaf Foods

At Maple Leaf Foods, we recognize that our people are our main asset; in 2008 we worked with Real on three different occasions to create employee events that successfully demonstrated our appreciation of our employees, promoted employee camaraderie and strengthened our teamwork. Real was not only able to meet our overall objectives, they approached each of the event with a creative flare that resulted in measured success and significant employee appreciation. Real demonstrated further that their event expertise and creativity consistently produces outstanding results. We will definitely be working with Real again. Kurt Whitnell VP, Shared Services

Feedback - Rogers Communications

Real has proven to be a great partner, an excellent resource and is our chosen provider of event services. We have developed several sales focused programs with real in 2008 that have generated positive results, quantitatively. Real is both a creative and flexible agency and they have proven time and time again that they are able to deliver quality programs on time, on budget and with ‘real’ flare.

Bob Clark Director, Dealer & Retail Development

Feedback - Sun Life Financial

The event was executed with excellence, within budget and under extremely tight timelines. Our overall event satisfaction was 93% which is a formidable accomplishment and validates the qualitative success of the Speaker Series. At each of the locations I had attendees approach me to comment on the impressiveness of the event and the onsite staff. By all accounts, the event was an impressionable and excessively positive experience for those who attended.

Liz Campbell Director, Marketing

Charity Charity is one of our mandates. Both Michelle and Norma have volunteered and supported the Kevin Gotting Memorial Golf Tournament since 2002 through the provision of communication support. The tournament consistently raises incredible funds that support children in need; thats real charity! - Website Real Communications

Affiliates When we say breadth, we meant it! We have already expanded our communication and event services support portfolio to include a practical and theoretical speech coaching program (Talk the Talk). For smaller, at home events, weve added a decadent option for those interested in luxurious in-home entertaining (

Real Communications People

We are real people who offer communication and event services, focusing first and foremost on the integration of both to maximize your business outputs. There is always a way to measure and quantify your impact. By keeping things simple but striving to find innovative ways to enable incredible experiences through our words, activities and visuals, we really deliver! Real Communications

Michelle Coetzee Partner

Michelle graduated from Western although she never even saw a football game. She has worked at Bell Canada and Canadian Tire Financial in so many different fields and jobs that it would be boring to list them all. Suffice it to say, there were lots of events and communications. She credits her many bosses and amazing experiences (from her corporate life) to having inspired her entrepreneurial spirit that existed (yet remained dormant) for many years. Her perfectionist tendencies, evident in her desperate hair styling attempts also transcend into her professional life where events and communications are her passion. “I feel that events are a microcosm of life – if you experience an exciting, invigorating and innovative event and the message is strong and positive – your mind may be opened and enlightened. It does not take much to turn monotony into excitement and that is what I love to do”! She cannot wait to turn your mundane business meeting into a real and fun-filled life experience!

Norma Bonvivere Partner

Norma has small town roots having grown up in Collingwood. Her sophistication evolved rapidly as she was thrust into the big city while attending OCAD (Ontario College of Art and Design) at the age of 18. She sketched nudes, attended colour theory classes and promoted her artistic work in galleries. As many young artists do, she sought alternate employment working with Wardair and Canadian Airlines as a flight attendant. She still claims to be the safest traveling partner around due to her extensive safety training. She flailed around globally until finding employment at Bell Mobility while working in many marketing communications roles and making full use of her creative flare for 15 years. Norma has also mastered every possible computer challenge, leaving all IS/IT experts in her wake as her technical savvy now rivals her creative genius; which makes her the creative and technical asset of Real Communications. Real Communications

Cassandra Callahan - Accounts

In keeping with our plan to expand and continue to deliver premium service, we have added a new member to the real communications tribe. Cassandra Callahan is the coveted new member of team real. Cassandra has passed our initiation which included managing copious amounts of work under incredibly tight timelines. She exceeded our expectations and is now considered real invaluable. Her time management skills are rivaled only by her ability to manage events to budget! Cassandra is also an avid cross border shopper who is willing to teach those worthy and willing to learn her trade. Cassandra is a married mother of two who has an impressive marketing background. Most importantly, she possesses a quick and somewhat dry wit that adds an impressive new dimension to real communications headquarters!

Leslie Williams - Accounts

Our newest member to real hails from the west (Calgary) originally and now resides in Oakville with her husband and 3 (three) sons. Serendipity would explain how we met Leslie; she has only been with us a short while but has already made herself a permanent (and necessary) fixture in the office. Her incredible organizational skills are rivaled only by her work ethic yet she sports an easy going style (that seems counter to her detailed nature) which is an amazing benefit for all of us; her only noticeable oddity thus far is her love for music far beyond her years; she may be an old soul. Her claim to fame: Leslie sang (I saw the light) at the Calgary Stampede in 97 at an Open Mic contest; she is a karaoke queen . . . we cannot wait to witness her singing prowess! Leslie is helping us to round out our collective skill set and we are so glad she is here!

Work We do it all from tradeshows to golf tournaments to employee kick-offs and sales rallies. No event is too big or too small. Communication services range from website development to speech writing to presentations, branding and graphic design. There is real breadth to our work. Our trademark is the effective integration of both communication and event services which enables a deeper, more impactful experience.


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